Young Ideas and the Start Up Spirit

I was able to use the Start-up Visa business plan to move to the UK and start my own business. The business is based on an idea that I had when I was just a kid. I would always use a flashlight and hated when my batteries would run out. I came up with an idea of a flashlight that ran on a battery powered by water. I knew nothing about chemistry as a kid, but I just knew that there had to be some kind of way to make a flashlight light that. It would be usable anywhere that there was an available water source.

Many years have passed since I came up with that idea, and I made a prototype for the water powered flashlight. I presented my idea to be approved so that I would be able to get a Visa. I wanted to set up my business in the UK because I thought it was one of they best markets that was full of diverse people who were open to new ideas. I had a feeling that they would be very receptive to the idea of a flashlight that would work with water.

After my idea was approved, I scouted a location that would become the production site for my flashlight. I hired some people to help me with the production, acting as production managers and assemblers. Right before my eyes, it was all coming together, and I was going to see my simple prototype turn into a real product that people everywhere could use. The first flashlight off the line was given to me, and I put it in my office as a keepsake. Many people have taken well to the flashlight. People who do a lot of hiking and camping have really liked the flashlight because of how useful it is in the wild.