When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing, Experts Are Always Best

I always fancied myself a good writer. So, when it came to advertising my business, I was happy to take on the work of writing up all sales text that I assumed would bring in a rush of customers. But once I got down to doing the work, I realized just how long it takes to write something good. And worse, my writing was not bringing in the new clients that I was looking for. I needed someone who was good in sales letter copywriting to do it for me.

It was really hard to admit that I was not as good of a writer as I originally assumed I was when it came to sales. I minored in English back when I was in college, and I really enjoyed writing a variety of different papers up whenever asked to by my professors. I received an A great on every single paper that I wrote in college. I guest I really did not understand how that type of writing is different from the type of writing that brings in customers.

I ended up looking for a copywriter online. I knew of no one else who hired one, so it was up to me to find someone who was really good. I wanted my business to grow, and in order to do that, I needed to get the word out there about what my company does in a way that would want people to come purchase what I sell. Another reason that I was so disappointed in the fact that I was no good at sales writing was because I was a great sales person. People love me in person. They just do not seem to like me on paper as much! The guy who I chose to hire to do all of my sales copy is fast and he does a lot better job than I do with copywriting.