When You Decide to Get Your Teeth Fixed, Get What You Really Want

I had all kinds of problems with my teeth. The first thing is that I lost a lot of them over the years. I was chewing my food on one side of my mouth because of it. Then I got a partial for the lower teeth. I still had to chew on one side because I was missing teeth on the right side. My cheek on the left side got thicker due to only using that side to chew. Then I started to bite my cheek often while chewing. I found a place that does cosmetic dentistry in Greenwood Village when I had enough. I went in and got a full exam.

My old partial was examined, and there were new things available that would look a whole lot better. I told them my goal was to have a perfect smile. I did not just want functionality, I wanted great aesthetics. I wanted a Hollywood smile. I had heard from other dentists to get teeth that matched my age. That made no sense to me. They were referring to getting teeth that were not as bright white as you might see on someone in their 20s as I am in my 50s. I had enough of that talk too. My dental plan included getting teeth that were in the bleaching shades for their level of whiteness.

By the time we were done with my dental plan, I had what I wanted. I no longer failed to smile for pictures, and I found that I was no longer embarrassed to really laugh out loud and to do it heartily. I used to cover my mouth or just not smile at all. I used to get reprimanded for every photo op how I would not smile. I ignored the people telling me to smile and tried to act cool, but I was embarrassed. Well, not any more. Now I have a nice bright white smile that I am not ashamed of at all.