We Wanted an Apartment with That Log Cabin Kind of Appeal

My wife and I were looking at apartments. She found a lot of cute places, but they all seemed to be designed for personalities unlike ours. She told me that she did not want cute. Rather, she wanted a place that reminded her of a rustic log cabin but had all modern amenities. She came into the living room to get me to come out to the kitchen of our old apartment to see something. She pointed to a link telling me to click here. I did, and I saw the website for The Lodge at Hidden River. I was impressed with the first few pictures I saw, and I had to investigate further.

I was ready to move just for the gym with all of its training equipment. Then I looked at the interior images of the apartments. The design had that perfect mix of rugged appeal with all the modern comforts and amenities. It really appealed to the outdoor adventurer in both of us. This is the type of style we pictured if we could have our own place on a lake somewhere. The great thing is that The Lodge is within a short walk to Lettuce Lake where we both like to kayak. Instead of having to drive to the lake, we could just walk to it if we moved there. That was another plus in the positive column.

The rainfall shower, undercabinet lighting, superb flooring, boat and bike storage, gated parking and more made the place a must-see for our apartment search. We both had the next day off, so we went and toured an apartment at The Lodge. After we saw the grounds, we signed a lease on the spot. This was exactly what we were looking for in a new apartment. We could not have found a more perfet place to live.