We Both Use Part Time Cleaners

My mom has a regular maid who does all of the housework as well as the majority of the shopping for them. She has her own small apartment over the garage at my parent’s house, and it is an arrangement that works for all of them. My parents also give her three weeks off every year, though she can take more if she needs it. When she does go off, they hire a part time cleaner in Singapore to come and help them out for however long their regular maid is going to be gone.

I think the loyalty they show to their maid is amazing, and she feels the same way about them. She has been with them for nearly ten years, and I know that she will be with them for much longer than that in the coming years. The first time she was gone, I was concerned that my mom was going to try and clean the house herself. She has a medical condition where she can not do a whole lot, which is the reason for the maid in the first place. She was smart though, and she hired from a local company that provides part time cleaners for this purpose among many others.

The part time cleaner that came that first year did such a great job that it was impossible to tell their regular maid was not the one doing the work. Everything shined, and the silver was even polished with much care. I was so impressed that I asked my mom for their information because I wanted to have them come to my house a few times a year and help me with an in depth cleaning of my own. They get the same glowing results every year, and I do now as well!