We Are Going to Relocate

Janet did not have too much time when they decided that she was moving to South Carolina. In fact the company pretty much made her an offer that she could not refuse, they were obviously desperate for her to go down there and fix some serious issues that they had. I am going to figure out what I shall do and move down there pretty soon. If you click here you will see the temporary place where she is staying at right now. She has to have an apartment in the short term, but we are going to have to sell the house and then we can buy another one or maybe build one. I am guessing that it is pretty easy to find a piece of land down there. In fact a lot of the area is nothing except peach orchards and other types of farms.

This is a really nice area and so we are thinking about finding a place with a view. I am sort of thinking that living up on the top of a mountain may not be a story book type of thing, but Janet really loves the idea. I have seen this one place up in the mountains of North Carolina where you can probably see at least for fifty miles. You can see Pilot Mountain really easily there, and Winston Salem looks like a hazy thing. You can see it and you know what it is, but obviously you can not see it that clearly. If you had a telescope then you would be able to see it very well from there. In fact I wonder if the mountains down here are as tall as the ones in North Carolina. Of course there is supposed to be a place in Tennessee from which you can see half a dozen states.