Understanding SEO and Advertising to Make Money

The only thing I knew about our website was that we had a niche audience and an expertise for the demographic we served. My problem was getting enough people to know about our website to make it generate enough in ad revenue to make it worth keeping up the content. I started looking at SEO software reviews to see how to get more people who were interested in what we had to talk about to our website. You need to drive a constant stream of traffic to a website in order to earn money. New people coming in are even better. It is like having a retail store. You need the customers walking in the door.

The difference is that I was not doing much direct selling to the customers. It was the ad revenue that was earning the site money. It would be like having a corner store that provides information for free. People come in and learn about what you know. Then you tell them where they can buy products and services that have things to do with what they came to learn about, and those providers pay you for telling them. Take a woodworking site for example. I might teach you how to make a dovetail joint for making drawers. Then the ads on the site tell you about tools that make dovetail joint making easier. That is the moneymaking side. The SEO side is making your website show up at the top of the results when people are looking for what it is you have to offer.

SEO for vacuums is an example. Are you talking about machines that clean a rug or are part of lab equipment? The search engine only knows if the rest of the words on your website indicate what you are talking about. Poor SEO makes it so that you have poor page ranking when someone searches for what you offer. Great SEO puts you in the top five results. You want great SEO.