The Last Rent Increase Got Us to Move to a Much Better Apartment in Las Vegas

When we got a second annual rent increase without any improvements in the maintenance or any renovations coming, we decided to move. Our kitchen was very dated, and it took days to get things attended to by the maintenance people. We wanted to live in a modern place that would actually put us, the tenants, first. We started looking for apartments for rent in northwest Las Vegas a couple of months before our old lease was up. We already started getting rid of things we would not be taking with us, and we put some things into storage. I wanted to be able to be out of the old place and into our new place fast. It goes a lot smoother if you get the details of moving out of the way before the big day.

I remember when we went and looked at the Bloom Apartments that we moved to. We signed a lease right there, and we got an address to have our mail forwarded. On the way back to our apartment we did the forwarding at the post office the same day. I told the office at our old place that we would be out before the end of the month. There was no questions as to why. I thought that was odd, but I guess that is how it goes with some places. Our new place that we found when we were looking for apartments for rent in northwest Las Vegas turned out to be really nice. The complex has two of each major amenity from swimming pools to fitness centers. It is a lot more modern than our old place.

The kitchen alone was a reason to move. Our new place has new stainless steel appliances and a dishwasher. Our old place did not have a dishwasher. We asked about kitchen renovations at our old place, but there was nothing coming. We moved to get the living space we wanted in an apartment. It is our rent money, and it should go to a place where we get exactly what we want.