The Biggest Digital Sale of the Year

I founded a video game storefront with some friends a few years ago. It started out small, but with some effort, we were able to get a lot of publishers and developers to put their games on our store. In order to bring more revenue to the store, we decided to have a giant sale, where everything on the store would be discounted by an amount that was agreed upon by us and the developers and publishers. We used a chief data officer to help us determine which games would benefit from having more discounted sales.

Since people are more likely to buy games that are on sale, we expected a lot of purchases from those who have been dragging their feet about buying a game. We planned the sale around a major holiday because this is when people are more likely to do shopping. People usually have a little extra money to put to things for themselves or someone else. Our storefront has a gift feature where people can buy games and give them to other people as gifts.

We also added some incentives to the store to get people to participate in the sales more. For every purchase that would be made, a customer would earn a virtual card at random. There were 12 cards in all that they could collect, and if they did, they would get a free game of their choice, no matter how much it costs. People came out in droves to buy games during the sale, and they took advantage of the virtual card incentive. There was one thing about the sale that I wish we had done, and that was making it possible to exchange cards with other people so that they could get rid of their duplicate cards. That can be implemented in the next game sale.