Say Goodbye to Bad Online Reviews

I found AlgoRhytm after an incident at my restaurant led to an extraordinarily vicious online review and some amount of damage to my restaurant’s reputation. This was the first time I encountered what many businesses run into when you get nasty customers who lie about your business online due to not getting what they want. In my case it was a bunch of drunks who showed up ten minutes before the restaurant closed and who proceeded to nearly destroy the bathrooms while screaming profanities at the staff. We had to call the police to get rid of them.

About a week later an employee, who keeps up on all the online stuff, alerted me to a bad review left on a well known online review site. I don’t like these sites because anyone can post a review trashing your reputation and they don’t even have to prove that they even visited your establishment. With this review, however, it became clear it was one of the obnoxious drunks who wrote it. I didn’t know what to do other than respond, but I do think it somewhat hurt my business. I needed a way to get rid of the review if at all possible.

Fortunately Algorhythm came to the rescue. They help a lot of companies with online listing and reputation management, and they got right to work on my little problem. I don’t know what they did to combat this bad review, but whatever it was it seems to have worked. I can’t even see the review when I’m looking at the site, in fact, although I suspect it might still be there. But if I can’t see it right off, neither can potential customers. In this day and age it is important to make sure your online reputation is sterling. AlgoRhythm helped restore our reputation.