My Gram is Particular About Her Antique Rug

My grandmother was given a very fancy rug as a wedding gift when she married my grandfather. She told me once before that it was her favorite gift because it was the only one that lasted the entire length of their marriage, which is still going strong to this day. They have been married for over 60 years, so that is really saying something about the quality of that rug. She used to clean it herself, but that was just until I found a company that does rug cleaning for Melbourne area residents.

The only reason I did this is because she is very particular about that rug. I kind of think she sees it as a good luck charm, even though she insists that she is not superstitious. I can understand her wanting to take the best care of it though because it really is gorgeous. I did worry about her trying to clean it though because it is quite heavy too, for someone of her stature and age at least. I knew that there had to be a company that does professional cleaning for expensive rugs, and it did not take me long to find it.

I was really happy when she agreed to let me take her to the shop where it would be cleaned. She was alarmed at first because she thought that they just sent it out to be cleaned. They do with regular rugs, but for special ones like my gram, they do everything with them in house. They have their own professional restorers who know how to take the very best care of rare and antique rugs. When we brought it home after the first cleaning, it was actually a lot more vibrant than I had ever seen it. My gram is really happy with how it looks now too!