Learning to Be the Best

I like to watch the different videos online because it usually involves someone doing something they know how to do, or doing something for the first time. If it is the later, then I can watch someone try something and fail, then I would learn how they failed and I would be less likely to go and make the same mistake. I went to watch a tekla structures video and I learned the various aspects of the topic.

I remember when I was learning how to refinish wood furniture at home that I watched a lot of mistake videos from people trying it for the first time. I thought that these were good because I was watching people doing things the wrong way. I laughed with them most of the time because they were learning on cheap furniture that they found at garage sales. These people were smart, and they were not using expensive furniture that meant a lot to them. If they spray painted it the wrong color then it was okay.

There was a younger guy that was using his grandmother’s heirloom dining room table to refinish for his mom. I thought he knew what he was talking about because he was using the right words for refurbishing in the beginning, and it had a high rating so I thought I would invest the time in watching him so I could learn for him. It became really apparent that he was doing the things that should not be done, and he ended up ruining his entire table. His wife came home and was devastated, it was really sad but they shared it with all of us so we knew what not to do when we were first starting. I am starting my first cheap piece of furniture this week.