Improving Lives Through Changes to the Clinical Trial Process

The European Union Geriatric Medical Society recently made some changes in the hopes of boosting participation in clinical trials. Increased clinical trial participation would benefit many individuals, as it would allow for a greater number of medications to reach the trial stages in humans which is an essential part of getting those medications past the government regulation stage and into the hands of individuals who need them. It seems that this is a positive thing, but some key elements need to be addressed to make sure that the trials will continue to put forth safe medications to consumers. The new policy will speed up the reporting process by scientists and medical professionals involved in the trials by making their paper trail less extensive and less time consuming. This is a positive, as it will allow the professionals working on the trials to spend more time observing patients and watching for the effects of the medications and less time documenting, writing reports and submitting paperwork. As long as the medical professionals are still required to document adequately and the new regulations do not encourage them to rush through the important process of thoroughly documenting what they are seeing in the trials. In addition, the European Union Geriatric Society is improving the authorisation process for accepting studies into a program. In the past, research studies have been held up because researchers had a difficult time getting enough participants approved for the studies in a timely manner. This new method with speed up the assessment process and help to ensure one assessment outcome for each participant. With an increase in the speed of this process, studies can begin sooner and time and money will not be wasted in the waiting process. Changes to the clinical trial process are a positive note in helping consumers to receive valuable medications much quicker. These changes will benefit the entire medical community and might help to find new cures, thereby improving the lives of people everywhere.