I Will Never Miss a Dental Appointment Again

I had been afraid of the dentist for a very long time. It got to the point where I would only go if I was in pain, and I did everything in my power to make sure that did not happen. Without regular cleanings and examinations though, that is hard to do on your own. Even with brushing three times daily, flossing and using a mouth rinse, it is still possible to get a cavity. When I had pain in one of my back teeth, I remembered an ad that said to click here for a pain free dental visit.

I was able to get back to the ad because it stuck with me so clearly because of the message. I was not sure if this dental office was even accepting new patients, so i went to their website before calling them. I was happy to see that not only were they accepting new patients but they were also accepting emergency patients. The pain was not extreme, but I still considered it an emergency because I knew that I would be anxious more over the visit than the pain. I was really happy when they told me to come in that day.

I was able to see Dr. Ricci that first day, and he put me at ease almost immediately. I didn’t tell him about my fear of dentists, but it seemed like he picked up on that right away, probably because of my body language. He was able to give me a filling for the cavity, and the surprising thing was that I didn’t really feel any pain, not even much from the shot that he gave me to numb the area. I admitted I rarely go to the dentist, but that trip changed everything for me. I will never miss a dental appointment again.