I Wanted My Canary to Sing

When my mom told me about a canary singing CD, I honestly wasn’t sure why she was sharing that information with me. I did want to hear canary singing in my house, but I wanted it to be from my actual canary, not from a CD. My mom has a good sense of humor, so she had to laugh at that before explaining why she suggested it in the first place. She knew that I was worried about my canary because she was not singing. I was worried that maybe she was taken away from her canary family too early, but there was nothing that I could do about that now because all of the birds were sold from that particular family.

My mom knew how upset I was over this, so she went online to do some research. I honestly did not know a lot about canaries, so I was intrigued when she told me that a canary is able to mimic sounds that are not necessarily coming from its own bird family. She also found a website that has CDs of canaries singing their special songs, which is why she thought of my own canary who wasn’t singing.

I went to the website myself, and I was really excited when I found out that my own bird would be able to sing just from listening to the CDs. There were two different ones, but it was not a problem for me because I already knew that I was going to get both of them. I played them every single day, and it was not long before my canary was mimicking what she heard on the CDs too. I really did not think she would learn how to sing them, but she surprised me. It is really nice having a house filled with music every day now.