I Got My First Manicure and Pedicure Halfway Around the World

We started traveling during the winter months back home. We had never been to different countries before, and we wanted our daughter to have that experience as a young teenager. One thing I noticed is that no matter how many grand things you see and experience in traveling the world, you still do the same old stuff from place to place. You might try the local cuisine wherever you are at, but you still are just eating. My wife and daughter talked me into a manicure and pedicure in Singapore. I had never had one before. I do my own toenails, and I often bite my own fingernails. Yes, there are still grown men that do that. I have working hands with a few rough spots, uneven nails and awful cuticles. My toenails actually looked a whole lot better.

I was kind of surprised at how good the nail technician got my fingernails looking. They were all shiny and even. They even got rid of the rough spots on my hands and used a moisturizer on my skin that made my hands feel smooth for the first time in many years. My wife said my backscratching hand texture was gone. She used to like me to rub my hand on her back as it was rough and actually scratched. It sure was a different experience for me. I would have never went into one of those nail salons back home. I would not want one of the other members of my worker union seeing me going into or out of one. I would never be able to live that down on the job.

Singapore was a really interesting experience. So urban and yet the people put a premium on water features and natural spaces. Some of the buildings actually have areas like a local park on the roofs or on one floor of the structures. There are huge swimming pools all over the place. They are very long and even have islands out in the middle of them. Interesting place to visit.