I Finally Finished Moving Today

Of course I had plenty of time to plan things out. I knew that Jack was going to be going back home and I knew that I needed to find a place on the North side of the city. So I found these places in Lewisville, not too far from Flower Mound if you know where that is. At any rate I found a pretty nice place and I have a roommate too, so it is not going to cost as much as living alone would have cost me. If you like then click here for website on the place, which is called the Bluffs at Vista Ridge. I had about ten days to move out of of my old place, so in that time I have been putting stuff in my car and taking it to work with me. In fact this place is less than half as far from my office as the old place, which is a huge reason why I picked it.

At any rate every day I would drive to work with a bunch of stuff in my car, then on the way home I would drop it off and put it in my new place. At the end of it I did not have anything at my old place aside from the furniture that would not fit in my car. At any rate it is going to be an easy thing now. My boss has a pick up truck that belongs to the company, it is an old monster and usually it just sits behind the office inside a fenced in parking lot. He already gave me the keys, so the only thing that I need now is someone to help me with the dresser and the bed. That is not so big of a deal, probably I can get one of my buddies to do it for beer.