I Am Busy Day and Night Now

I have been really working my butt off since I started back to school a couple of months ago. I had taken a semester off so that I could work full time and the truth is that I am doing that now, but instead of working a job all the time I am doing a part time job and jc physics tuition for about half a dozen students. I get up very early in the morning four days a week, the job I have is to open up a restaurant that serves breakfast for great crowds of people. So you get up long before the sun rises and we work furiously until around ten in the morning. Of course I go to school before that. I do get about four and a half hours per day because I am in there so early. After school I start to tutor other students in physics, which can be easy and it can be impossible.

There are lots of expressions that they use, but it is just very difficult to make people learn things if they are not motivated to do it. When someone really wants to learn, then it is just not very difficult to teach them. I still get paid either way, but I just do not like it when I feel like it is all a big waste of time. That is not something that is in my control. Of course what really annoys me is when they simply do not care at all and they may as well be taking a nap. I have one student who does not show up more than two out of every three times, but that does not bother me all that much. If they are not going to put the effort in, then there is no reason to show up.