Getting a Little Extra Help

There is nothing more time consuming and more tedious than trying to find a new job. Applying to multiple companies takes a lot of effort, and when they send you back a rejection notice, it really crushes your spirits. What is even worse is when the companies never send a response back at all, leaving you to wonder if they ever filled the position. I was having an unsuccessful streak with job applications until I broke the cycle. I used resume preparers to create a resume for each job, rather than trying to do it on my own.

The prepared resume landed me a lot of positive responses from the companies that I applied to for jobs. The companies wanted me to come in for an interview, which was more than I ever got from any of them. The preparers gave the resume a more professional look than what I was able to create without any intervention. I think each company looks for something different whenever they read a resume, and if the resume doesn’t have that one thing, then they send it into the reject pile. There have probably been a lot of qualified people besides me that have been rejected like this.

I went to an interview with one of the companies that contacted me. I was nervous and afraid that I would get asked a hard question that I wouldn’t be able to answer. The job was for a software company, and this company is known for giving a quiz to potential employees to assess their skill level. The day before the interview, I looked at some old programming questions from my college days for practice. The interviewer asked me to do one of the simplest things, which was to make a pyramid out of stars that gets larger on each line.