Finding an Apartment with a Hectic Schedule

I did not have a lot of time to find a new apartment to live in. I had just started a project at work that was requiring that I work nearly 20 hours of overtime per week, so I was taking all the shortcuts I could think of to look for a new home. I thought that the fastest way to find a new place to call home would be to do a search of all the available Las Vegas Craigslist apartments that were within a certain distance of my work.

I did not want to have to commute more than an hour per day, and I was hoping to cut it back even more than that if possible. I don’t mind driving, but I could think of so many other ways to spend my time than behind the wheel fighting traffic. I looked on Craigslist at the different apartments in the area, and that is how I found out about Lyric. As soon as I started looking at the complex’s website, I knew that it was the one for me. Just because I was working a ton of overtime then didn’t mean that I was going to always have hours like that, and I loved everything I saw about this apartment for that reason alone.

While I may not enjoy the pool for a while yet, I know that it is there waiting for me. The same goes for the fitness center and the movie theater on site. The apartment is really nice too. It is not huge, which I like because I don’t need a lot of space. The best thing about the apartment is that I have my own washer and dryer, which is just awesome. It took me mere minutes to find it, and it didn’t take much longer to find out that I would be able to move in when I was ready.