Enjoy That Exquisite Southern Living

Click here, my boss said, and you will have an easier time of living in Atlanta. I’m headed to my bosses old office in that southern city and he helped me find a great place to live. We talked at length about living in Atlanta and my big take away from the conversation is that finding the right place to live is the most important part of the process of moving to that city. I didn’t know it at the time, but Atlanta has the worst commute times in the nation. Apparently Los Angeles is a walk in the park compared to Atlanta.

Obviously, I wanted to live in a place that was close to work. In fact, I wanted to be so close to the office that I didn’t even need to think about a commute time. If I could find a place within walking distance, that would be even better. My plan was to avoid the downtown driving altogether. I have some vision issues and the idea of trying to navigate the city roads scared me. My boss understood this and knew about a great apartment complex very close to the office. He actually lived there for a few months when he first went to Atlanta.

It didn’t take much to convince me that this apartment complex would be a great place to live. The list of resident features on the website looked marvelous. It seemed like everything was quite modern and I saw the word design bandied about a lot. The units have high ceilings, important in an apartment, and lots of modern appliances. You have a lot of options to get various features too, which is nice because not all of the apartments are cookie cutter units. Frankly, I can’t wait to move in and learn to enjoy this famous American city!