Cleaning for the Exhausted Man

For years I had always thought about having my own home, and now I finally have one. Before buying the home, I stayed in a pretty nice apartment. It wasn’t the biggest, but it had just enough space for my needs. I was left with the task of cleaning the apartment after moving out. Since I was doing all of the moving on my own, I knew that I would be too exhausted to do anything after that. I decided to take the easy way out by hiring post tenancy cleaning in Singapore.

It’s a good thing that I did hire the cleaning agency, because I was feeling a little sore after doing the moving. Continue reading Cleaning for the Exhausted Man

I Am Busy Day and Night Now

I have been really working my butt off since I started back to school a couple of months ago. I had taken a semester off so that I could work full time and the truth is that I am doing that now, but instead of working a job all the time I am doing a part time job and jc physics tuition for about half a dozen students. I get up very early in the morning four days a week, the job I have is to open up a restaurant that serves breakfast for great crowds of people. So you get up long before the sun rises and we work furiously until around ten in the morning. Of course I go to school before that. Continue reading I Am Busy Day and Night Now