Keep the Condo Perfect with Them

One of the great joys of my job is I move around a lot. I have lived in many different countries. One of my favorite places is Singapore. I moved there a year ago to help my company set up a new office. Thankfully I find great short term housing wherever I go, but I also want to find a home cleaning company to help me keep my property clean. Plus a good company will clean it to the point that I always get my deposit back. I did a search for pre and post tenancy cleaning for Singapore. This time when I went to work in Singapore I found a lovely three bedroom condo to live in. I have a girlfriend and she was coming to Singapore too so I needed to make sure it would be comfortable for her too. But I also didn’t want her to feel like she needed to clean it either. She works and would be busy too. Continue reading Keep the Condo Perfect with Them

I Got My First Manicure and Pedicure Halfway Around the World

We started traveling during the winter months back home. We had never been to different countries before, and we wanted our daughter to have that experience as a young teenager. One thing I noticed is that no matter how many grand things you see and experience in traveling the world, you still do the same old stuff from place to place. You might try the local cuisine wherever you are at, but you still are just eating. My wife and daughter talked me into a manicure and pedicure in Singapore. I had never had one before. I do my own toenails, and I often bite my own fingernails. Yes, there are still grown men that do that. I have working hands with a few rough spots, uneven nails and awful cuticles. My toenails actually looked a whole lot better.

I was kind of surprised at how good the nail technician got my fingernails looking. They were all shiny and even. Continue reading I Got My First Manicure and Pedicure Halfway Around the World

We Both Use Part Time Cleaners

My mom has a regular maid who does all of the housework as well as the majority of the shopping for them. She has her own small apartment over the garage at my parent’s house, and it is an arrangement that works for all of them. My parents also give her three weeks off every year, though she can take more if she needs it. When she does go off, they hire a part time cleaner in Singapore to come and help them out for however long their regular maid is going to be gone.

I think the loyalty they show to their maid is amazing, and she feels the same way about them. She has been with them for nearly ten years, and I know that she will be with them for much longer than that in the coming years. Continue reading We Both Use Part Time Cleaners

You Can’t Beat the Gleaming Nails

Getting a gel manicure in Singapore is the best thing that has happened to me for some time. I’m a bit lazy when it comes to keeping up appearances with things like my nails. I don’t really care to use nail polish or get manicures because I’m a busy person and in an industry where no one pays attention to your hands. I suppose if I was a professional greeter or hostess or worked in the entertainment industry I would care about it more. But I got invited to a friend’s wedding and I felt the pressure to look my best.

I looked around for nail salons, and read a lot of reviews about all of them, and most of them didn’t seem to be that great. I almost always found a couple of reviews complaining about the work or the person doing the work. I also started seeing things about gel manicures. Continue reading You Can’t Beat the Gleaming Nails

The Pain in My Ankles is Gone

Thanks to a Camas chiropractor, I no longer have pain in my ankles! I’m just beside myself that after all these years I no longer have to worry about the pain and soreness I’ve had since I was a teenager. What is truly surprising is that the pain came from something that I absolutely did not suspect. I thought I had weak ankles, or that some forgotten injury caused permanent damage. I even considered I had nerve damage. I’ve heard about neuropathy and thought maybe I had a touch of that condition. Whatever the case, I finally got sick of the pain.

My regular doctor went so far as to do some scans on my ankles and said he couldn’t see anything wrong. He suggested I lose some weight, but we both sort of knew that was ridiculous because I’m not overweight in the slightest except for a slight stomach paunch. That is hardly enough weight to cause ankle pain. My pain usually flared up at certain times, with the worst sensation being a feeling of the muscle just going weak when I was walking. A few times I felt like I was going to fall down because my ankle just felt like it gave out.

By the time I went to the chiropractor, I was willing to try anything to get rid of this long term problem. He asked me several questions, examined my ankles, and then asked about my nutritional intake. I thought that was odd, but it turns out it was the perfect question because I’m deficient in magnesium. A severe magnesium deficiency can cause muscle weakness and pain, and in my case it manifested in that weird feeling in my ankles. I merely bought some supplements and I’m right as rain now. I didn’t even need any stretching to fix this problem.