Creating an Online Marketing Plan for My Small Business

I started my own business about six months ago. This is my very first company, and I’ve had to learn a lot of things along the way. Marketing has always been a bit of a challenge, but everything I’ve read and everything I’ve heard from the people I respect has taught me that in order to be competitive, I need to get into SEO marketing. One of my closest friends promised he would help me find the best Charlotte SEO company. He’s not from the area, but he has great business sense, and I was confident that he’d guide me in the right direction.

It only took a day or two after our conversation for him to email me his recommendation. He knows a lot of people in that business, and they gave him the contact info for a marketing company that would really help me get off the ground with my marketing strategy. I decided to give them a call, and we set a time to meet and discuss my marketing strategy.

One of the first things they asked me was what I had tried in the past. They wanted to know what I thought worked, and where I had less success. I explained that as a small business owner, I had basically done all of the brand marketing on my own. I had tried a combination of online, print, and radio advertising. In terms of online promotion, I found it difficult to get my company promoted in search results. I was somewhere in the middle of the pack. Not bad, but not great either. After our conversation, they told me about their strategy, and what they thought they’d be able to do for me. This included moving my search ranking up. I was thrilled that they understood my needs and were willing to help me achieve my desired results.