Cleaning Service Helps Our Elderly Neighbor and Frees Up Time for Us Too

Our neighbor is elderly but has no family to help her. My wife and I kind of adopted her as a grandmother. She does not have a lot of money, so we help her out with things. She is friendly and other neighbors help her out too. She cannot do the things she used to be able to do, and we had a change in our work where we have to put in more hours. Instead of my wife cleaning her place, we had to look into hiring a cleaning company in Singapore to do the job. We had to weigh the cost of the service or not working the hours at our job. It was still financially beneficial to work the hours and pay for help to clean our neighbor’s place.

She did not want us to be doing that, but we insisted. The elderly woman does not create a lot of mess, but she watches our two children at times and they can wreak havoc on a place. It was the least that we could do to hire cleaning help for her. After a time, she became used to the help and now looks forward to the routine visits from the cleaning staff. She bakes goodies for them to enjoy with tea and coffee she makes when a cleaning lady shows up. All of the staff who come out are very friendly and we have no problem trusting any of them.

They have been doing such a fine job at our elderly neighbor’s house that we have also asked them to help us clean our place. This has taken a load off of our shoulders. Our house has never looked this good. The entire place looks great every day now. Not just on the weekends when we had some extra time to clean up better.