Cleaning for the Exhausted Man

For years I had always thought about having my own home, and now I finally have one. Before buying the home, I stayed in a pretty nice apartment. It wasn’t the biggest, but it had just enough space for my needs. I was left with the task of cleaning the apartment after moving out. Since I was doing all of the moving on my own, I knew that I would be too exhausted to do anything after that. I decided to take the easy way out by hiring post tenancy cleaning in Singapore.

It’s a good thing that I did hire the cleaning agency, because I was feeling a little sore after doing the moving. I probably should have hired a crew to take care of the moving as well. I didn’t injure anything, but my arms were aching and I needed to rest a little. I didn’t even bother unpacking anything on the first day in my new home. I just went to a local restaurant and got some dinner and then went to sleep. While I was resting, the cleaning agency were busy doing their job. I came back the next day to take a look at the apartment, and I was surprised.

The apartment was completely clean from top to bottom. It looked like I had never moved into it. In some ways, I’d consider the apartment to look better than it was before I started moving my own things into it. I had forgotten what the carpet looked like when it was completely clean and I really didn’t recognize it after the cleaning. While I was at the apartment, I decided to say a few goodbyes to some of the people that were still living there. I’m sure I’ll see them around some time during the year.