Best Physics Tuition for Physics Students

The Best Physics Tutor ( you can find is founded by Mr. Tony Chee. Mr. Chee is a member of an organization in Singapore called the Institute of Physics. Many famous people are associated with this wonderful institution. They include Professor Albert Einstein and Professor Paul Dirac as well as many different Nobel Laureates. Mr. Chee has many qualifications that have helped him to be able to help others like him. He is a Ministry of Education JC lecturer and an Integrated Programme Curriculum Designer, a lecturer at the National Institute of Education in Singapore and is a Physics PhD candidate through Cambridge University in the UK. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from California State University in the US, has First Class Honours in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Birmingham in the UK and finally has a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education in Singapore. You can rest assured that if you take advantage of this service you are getting a highly qualified tutor in Mr. Chee.

The different high lights of taking advantage of this service is that they offer effective notes, they have a great staff and a proven track record. The process of taking effective notes includes; concise notes with key concepts that are distilled, challenging practice question and intensive as well as comprehensive revision packages. The staff includes the most qualified tutors in Singapore, Ex-MOE senior head and NIE lecturer, JC / IP lecturer and curriculum planner, PSC scholar, and Institute of Physics elected member and 1st class Honours in Physics and Math. The greatest thing is that you can see with your own eyes the proven track record of the tutoring company. They have over 200 students per year 80% of which improve by two grades or more when utilizing the services here. They have nine physics books that they have released and on their website you are able to see at least ten featured interviews.