A House for when We Are Married

I moved into an apartment when I first came to Denver six years ago. My intention then was to find a nice house within a year or so, but somehow I just never found the time. It was not until I got engaged that I knew it was finally time to start looking at downtown Denver real estate. My fiance and I both work downtown, and neither one of us wanted to drive a far distance to get to our home. We had both been to some nice homes in the downtown area when we would visit friends, so we knew that we would be able to find something we like.

The one thing neither of us wanted though was to be right in the heart of the city. We did want to be within minutes of both work places, but we also did not want to be able to step outside our door and have chaos. I knew the best plan of action would be to hire a realtor to help us find exactly what we wanted, so that is what we did. We knew we had time because we were not going to move in together until we were married, and that was nearly a year away.

I let my fiance handle most of the talk with the realtor, because I wanted her to mainly be happy. We don’t have any kids right now, but we both want at least two, so she figured all of that into what she wanted in a house. By the time she was done listing all she wanted in a house, I wasn’t sure if he would even find one that was close. I should not have doubted though, because now only did he deliver it all, but the house has a lot of nice surprises that we were not expecting. Using a realtor was the best move, and we are moving in after our wedding next week!