The Pain in My Ankles is Gone

Thanks to a Camas chiropractor, I no longer have pain in my ankles! I’m just beside myself that after all these years I no longer have to worry about the pain and soreness I’ve had since I was a teenager. What is truly surprising is that the pain came from something that I absolutely did not suspect. I thought I had weak ankles, or that some forgotten injury caused permanent damage. I even considered I had nerve damage. I’ve heard about neuropathy and thought maybe I had a touch of that condition. Whatever the case, I finally got sick of the pain.

My regular doctor went so far as to do some scans on my ankles and said he couldn’t see anything wrong. He suggested I lose some weight, but we both sort of knew that was ridiculous because I’m not overweight in the slightest except for a slight stomach paunch. That is hardly enough weight to cause ankle pain. My pain usually flared up at certain times, with the worst sensation being a feeling of the muscle just going weak when I was walking. A few times I felt like I was going to fall down because my ankle just felt like it gave out.

By the time I went to the chiropractor, I was willing to try anything to get rid of this long term problem. He asked me several questions, examined my ankles, and then asked about my nutritional intake. I thought that was odd, but it turns out it was the perfect question because I’m deficient in magnesium. A severe magnesium deficiency can cause muscle weakness and pain, and in my case it manifested in that weird feeling in my ankles. I merely bought some supplements and I’m right as rain now. I didn’t even need any stretching to fix this problem.

Texas Living is Big Dreaming

When I interviewed for a new company in Texas, I was really happy to learn that they would help me with the moving costs associated with moving across the country. It could be very expensive to move an entire apartment, considering you have to pay people to pack your things very carefully. I knew to click here for a person to help me find a place to live in my new city. There are a lot of people that can help you find a home in your new area. These relocation people can help you find the best schools in the area if you have a family and that is a concern for you. Continue reading Texas Living is Big Dreaming

Getting an Apartment Was Easier Than I Expected

I did not need anything really fancy, but I didn’t want anything cheap either. I was looking for a nice apartment, and I knew that I was going to have to find one quickly. That is why I decided to start my search of apartments online. I knew if I went to various apartments in Simpsonville and looked at all of them, it would take me way too long. I needed to find something within a day or so, and I needed to be able to move in quickly too.

As soon as I saw photos of the Arbors at Fairview apartments, I knew that I wanted to call one of those apartments my very own. I was happy with the price of the one bedroom units, and I really liked the layout of the floor plan too. I was able to look at everything I needed online, from the actual look of the apartment and the dimensions of each room to pictures of both the inside as well as outside of the apartment. Continue reading Getting an Apartment Was Easier Than I Expected

We Are Going to Relocate

Janet did not have too much time when they decided that she was moving to South Carolina. In fact the company pretty much made her an offer that she could not refuse, they were obviously desperate for her to go down there and fix some serious issues that they had. I am going to figure out what I shall do and move down there pretty soon. If you click here you will see the temporary place where she is staying at right now. She has to have an apartment in the short term, but we are going to have to sell the house and then we can buy another one or maybe build one. I am guessing that it is pretty easy to find a piece of land down there. In fact a lot of the area is nothing except peach orchards and other types of farms. Continue reading We Are Going to Relocate

We Wanted an Apartment with That Log Cabin Kind of Appeal

My wife and I were looking at apartments. She found a lot of cute places, but they all seemed to be designed for personalities unlike ours. She told me that she did not want cute. Rather, she wanted a place that reminded her of a rustic log cabin but had all modern amenities. She came into the living room to get me to come out to the kitchen of our old apartment to see something. She pointed to a link telling me to click here. I did, and I saw the website for The Lodge at Hidden River. I was impressed with the first few pictures I saw, and I had to investigate further.

I was ready to move just for the gym with all of its training equipment. Then I looked at the interior images of the apartments. The design had that perfect mix of rugged appeal with all the modern comforts and amenities. Continue reading We Wanted an Apartment with That Log Cabin Kind of Appeal

I Finally Finished Moving Today

Of course I had plenty of time to plan things out. I knew that Jack was going to be going back home and I knew that I needed to find a place on the North side of the city. So I found these places in Lewisville, not too far from Flower Mound if you know where that is. At any rate I found a pretty nice place and I have a roommate too, so it is not going to cost as much as living alone would have cost me. If you like then click here for website on the place, which is called the Bluffs at Vista Ridge. I had about ten days to move out of of my old place, so in that time I have been putting stuff in my car and taking it to work with me. In fact this place is less than half as far from my office as the old place, which is a huge reason why I picked it. Continue reading I Finally Finished Moving Today

Say Goodbye to Bad Online Reviews

I found AlgoRhytm after an incident at my restaurant led to an extraordinarily vicious online review and some amount of damage to my restaurant’s reputation. This was the first time I encountered what many businesses run into when you get nasty customers who lie about your business online due to not getting what they want. In my case it was a bunch of drunks who showed up ten minutes before the restaurant closed and who proceeded to nearly destroy the bathrooms while screaming profanities at the staff. We had to call the police to get rid of them.

About a week later an employee, who keeps up on all the online stuff, alerted me to a bad review left on a well known online review site. I don’t like these sites because anyone can post a review trashing your reputation and they don’t even have to prove that they even visited your establishment. Continue reading Say Goodbye to Bad Online Reviews

We Move in Just a Few Months

I was looking at a website for a new apartment complex that is going to be ready in a few months. I was mostly interested in the apartment amenities, which I was able to easily see after I click here on the website. I already have an apartment, but it is not in the greatest area of town. I wanted to move someplace safer, mostly because of my daughter. She is getting ready to go to school, and I just wanted her to be in a safe and welcoming place.

I definitely wanted to move up as well. That is why I was interested in seeing what amenities are included with each apartment. I was extremely impressed with what I saw. First off, the two bedroom units come with two bathrooms, which is nice. The ceilings are also nine and ten feet, which is one of my most favorite things about this apartment complex. There is so much more though. Both bedrooms have ceiling fans, and there is hardwood flooring throughout the apartment. Continue reading We Move in Just a Few Months

When You Decide to Get Your Teeth Fixed, Get What You Really Want

I had all kinds of problems with my teeth. The first thing is that I lost a lot of them over the years. I was chewing my food on one side of my mouth because of it. Then I got a partial for the lower teeth. I still had to chew on one side because I was missing teeth on the right side. My cheek on the left side got thicker due to only using that side to chew. Then I started to bite my cheek often while chewing. I found a place that does cosmetic dentistry in Greenwood Village when I had enough. I went in and got a full exam.

My old partial was examined, and there were new things available that would look a whole lot better. I told them my goal was to have a perfect smile. I did not just want functionality, I wanted great aesthetics. I wanted a Hollywood smile. I had heard from other dentists to get teeth that matched my age. That made no sense to me. Continue reading When You Decide to Get Your Teeth Fixed, Get What You Really Want

The Last Rent Increase Got Us to Move to a Much Better Apartment in Las Vegas

When we got a second annual rent increase without any improvements in the maintenance or any renovations coming, we decided to move. Our kitchen was very dated, and it took days to get things attended to by the maintenance people. We wanted to live in a modern place that would actually put us, the tenants, first. We started looking for apartments for rent in northwest Las Vegas a couple of months before our old lease was up. We already started getting rid of things we would not be taking with us, and we put some things into storage. I wanted to be able to be out of the old place and into our new place fast. It goes a lot smoother if you get the details of moving out of the way before the big day.

I remember when we went and looked at the Bloom Apartments that we moved to. We signed a lease right there, and we got an address to have our mail forwarded. On the way back to our apartment we did the forwarding at the post office the same day. I told the office at our old place that we would be out before the end of the month. There was no questions as to why. I thought that was odd, but I guess that is how it goes with some places. Continue reading The Last Rent Increase Got Us to Move to a Much Better Apartment in Las Vegas

Finding an Apartment with a Hectic Schedule

I did not have a lot of time to find a new apartment to live in. I had just started a project at work that was requiring that I work nearly 20 hours of overtime per week, so I was taking all the shortcuts I could think of to look for a new home. I thought that the fastest way to find a new place to call home would be to do a search of all the available Las Vegas Craigslist apartments that were within a certain distance of my work.

I did not want to have to commute more than an hour per day, and I was hoping to cut it back even more than that if possible. Continue reading Finding an Apartment with a Hectic Schedule

My Gram is Particular About Her Antique Rug

My grandmother was given a very fancy rug as a wedding gift when she married my grandfather. She told me once before that it was her favorite gift because it was the only one that lasted the entire length of their marriage, which is still going strong to this day. They have been married for over 60 years, so that is really saying something about the quality of that rug. She used to clean it herself, but that was just until I found a company that does rug cleaning for Melbourne area residents.

The only reason I did this is because she is very particular about that rug. I kind of think she sees it as a good luck charm, even though she insists that she is not superstitious. I can understand her wanting to take the best care of it though because it really is gorgeous. I did worry about her trying to clean it though because it is quite heavy too, for someone of her stature and age at least. Continue reading My Gram is Particular About Her Antique Rug

Getting All the Parts and Packaging Made for My First Retail Electronic Product

Have you ever thought what it takes to make a product? If your product is electronic, you need to have circuit boards and housings made. Then all of your components to be added to the circuit boards need to be sourced and soldered into place by machines. No hobbyist prototype hand soldering is going to be done with a retail product. I needed extruded aluminum offsets to hold a circuit board away from its plastic case. I had to submit a CAD file to have sample parts made, and then wait to see if they met my specs.

It takes time to make the simplest electronic gadget good enough for retail sale. Then there is the packaging. It takes a team of specialists, including graphic artists, to make your package appealing. Continue reading Getting All the Parts and Packaging Made for My First Retail Electronic Product

Creating an Online Marketing Plan for My Small Business

I started my own business about six months ago. This is my very first company, and I’ve had to learn a lot of things along the way. Marketing has always been a bit of a challenge, but everything I’ve read and everything I’ve heard from the people I respect has taught me that in order to be competitive, I need to get into SEO marketing. One of my closest friends promised he would help me find the best Charlotte SEO company. He’s not from the area, but he has great business sense, and I was confident that he’d guide me in the right direction.

It only took a day or two after our conversation for him to email me his recommendation. Continue reading Creating an Online Marketing Plan for My Small Business

I Wanted My Canary to Sing

When my mom told me about a canary singing CD, I honestly wasn’t sure why she was sharing that information with me. I did want to hear canary singing in my house, but I wanted it to be from my actual canary, not from a CD. My mom has a good sense of humor, so she had to laugh at that before explaining why she suggested it in the first place. She knew that I was worried about my canary because she was not singing. I was worried that maybe she was taken away from her canary family too early, but there was nothing that I could do about that now because all of the birds were sold from that particular family. Continue reading I Wanted My Canary to Sing

I Helped My Brother Find a Nice Apartment in South Carolina

My brother got transferred to a new division of his company very quickly. He did not have to go, but he made the quick decision to boost his career. He was doing an excellent job as an entry-level manager. No other manager in the history of the company was able to accomplish what he did in such a short time. He only had a bachelors degree, and was offered a better manager’s position for a struggling satellite office of the company in South Carolina. He had to get a place fast, so I found for him. He needed something affordable, because he was not going to just start upping his lifestyle because of the promotion.

Ever since he was a kid he has been telling everyone that he will retire at 32.5 years of age. Continue reading I Helped My Brother Find a Nice Apartment in South Carolina

Shake Review from Ideal Shape

I have been trying to get back into shape for over a year now, and I have made a lot of improvements to my body. But I am still not happy, so I am trying to figure out other options that are available to me. I want a better workout, and a better nutrition plan. I want to check out Idealshape review shake to see if it could possibly help me to transform my body into what I want in a quicker time period than I would be able to do without it.

I have heard some good things about it before. A couple of my friends are using it and they swear by it. But I am not convinced and that is why I want to read some reviews first, before I actually decide to purchase it. Continue reading Shake Review from Ideal Shape

Our Showers Are Much Cleaner Now

When my daughter asked me if we had a water filter for shower, I had no idea what she was talking about. I told her that we use filtered water for drinking, but that filter is in the kitchen. She asked me about the water in the shower though and how we are filtering it. Again, I had no idea what she was even asking because I had just never heard of people filtering their shower water. She explained what she had learned in school that week, which was how all kinds of pollutants get into our water.

Most kids had water filters in their kitchens at home, but only a couple knew that they had a shower filter. Continue reading Our Showers Are Much Cleaner Now

Enjoy That Exquisite Southern Living

Click here, my boss said, and you will have an easier time of living in Atlanta. I’m headed to my bosses old office in that southern city and he helped me find a great place to live. We talked at length about living in Atlanta and my big take away from the conversation is that finding the right place to live is the most important part of the process of moving to that city. I didn’t know it at the time, but Atlanta has the worst commute times in the nation. Apparently Los Angeles is a walk in the park compared to Atlanta.

Obviously, I wanted to live in a place that was close to work. In fact, I wanted to be so close to the office that I didn’t even need to think about a commute time. If I could find a place within walking distance, that would be even better. My plan was to avoid the downtown driving altogether. I have some vision issues and the idea of trying to navigate the city roads scared me. My boss understood this and knew about a great apartment complex very close to the office. Continue reading Enjoy That Exquisite Southern Living

I Wanted a Quieter Lifestyle

When I graduated from college, I went to New York City to work. I thought that I would love the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, but I quickly realized that I had overestimated my tolerance levels for noise and crowds. It was also costing me a fortune to live there, and I decided to apply for a similar job in Kingsport Tennessee. When I was hired for it, I knew that I had to start looking at apartments in Kingsport TN for rent quickly, because I did not want to end up living out of a motel room until I found a place to call home.

I started my search while I was still in New York City because I figured it would take a while. It didn’t though. Continue reading I Wanted a Quieter Lifestyle

Body Training to Get Stronger

I felt kind of left out when I saw everyone around me getting fitter and healthier. People were joining all kinds of gyms and signing up for different workout programs to give them a more fit physique. I was still looking doughy with my spare tire and jiggly arms. I decided to do something about it and looked for a website that would give me a way to get myself into shape like everyone else. I found a location where I could go and do some strength training. I knew that I was getting myself into something that couldn’t just be done overnight, and it would take a lot of hard work, but I didn’t care, as long as I got the results I wanted.

On the first day of doing the strength training, my trainer did an assessment to see how strong I was and how much I could endure before calling it quits. I was feeling pretty tired just doing the assessment, and was a little discouraged because I thought that I was too weak. The trainer told me not to worry about it, and that there have been people who were weaker than me who trained under him. From the assessment, the trainer made a program that would get the most out of my body.

Over the next couple of months, I worked hard to get my body into shape. As time passed, the exercises became easier to do, and I noticed that my excess fat was shrinking. At the end of the first month, the trainer did another assessment and I did much better on it than the first one, which really impressed my trainer. I didn’t feel the need to eat any unhealthy foods while I was doing the training, because I wanted to see myself succeed.

I Will Never Miss a Dental Appointment Again

I had been afraid of the dentist for a very long time. It got to the point where I would only go if I was in pain, and I did everything in my power to make sure that did not happen. Without regular cleanings and examinations though, that is hard to do on your own. Even with brushing three times daily, flossing and using a mouth rinse, it is still possible to get a cavity. When I had pain in one of my back teeth, I remembered an ad that said to click here for a pain free dental visit.

I was able to get back to the ad because it stuck with me so clearly because of the message. Continue reading I Will Never Miss a Dental Appointment Again

A House for when We Are Married

I moved into an apartment when I first came to Denver six years ago. My intention then was to find a nice house within a year or so, but somehow I just never found the time. It was not until I got engaged that I knew it was finally time to start looking at downtown Denver real estate. My fiance and I both work downtown, and neither one of us wanted to drive a far distance to get to our home. We had both been to some nice homes in the downtown area when we would visit friends, so we knew that we would be able to find something we like.

The one thing neither of us wanted though was to be right in the heart of the city. Continue reading A House for when We Are Married